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Reminder to Members & Guests


All guests must be signed in by the member into the guest book. ( NO EXCEPTIONS )

No guests will be allowed in without the member present-----

Non Members can wait outside until member arrives

After the member signs in his or her guest, the guest will then sign the book. When the member leaves, his or her guest must also leave!!!!

Do not leave you guests at the Club----They will be told to leave Club Property

Please use discretion on how many times you bring in the same guest.

All guests should consider applying for membership after multiple visits.

Remember that Members pay membership dues to enjoy the privilege of using the Clubs facili-ties, activities, and low price’s, that repeat quests are getting for free!!!!!!! Membership dues also pay the Taxes, and Insurances,--- Guests don’t

Guests who violate or abuse visits will be asked to leave Clubs property


All Non Members must pay the $5 dollar guest fee on all ranges—no exceptions

Gun Ranges (indoor & outdoor) ------All Archery Ranges------Trap Range

Please bring all glasses, cans, pitchers up to bar when sitting at tables

Only exception is Wednesday & Fridays during Dining Hours (5pm to 8pm)

Tuesday night is 30 cent Wing Night Is----- EAT IN ONLY

Please order only what you can eat----no wings are to leave the Club

Don’t’ ask for a Take-Out Container

All Take Out Orders Will Be Charged At Full Price!!!!!!

Remember to respect all Club bartenders & staff.

Remember to please be patient, that there are other members that also need to be served.

Monday thru Saturday night bartenders after 6pm along with Tuesday , Wednesday & Friday waitress’s /waiters are volunteers


Dates to Remember


Saturday March. 29thth , 2014   Children's Easter Party


Sunday April. 20th , 2014   Club Closed Easter Day.


Saturday May. 10th , 2014   Spring Gun Raffle.


Monday May. 26th , 2014   Club Closed Memorial Day.














March. General Meeting –03/03/2014


March. Board Meeting– 03/10/2014


April.  General Meeting –04/07/2014 


April. Board Meeting—04/14/2014


May. General Meeting –05/05/2014


May. Board Meeting - 05/12/2014





Reminder: General Membership meetings first Monday of every month! 7:00 PM.  Questions/Comments/Complaints? All are welcome.






The next Hunter Education Firearm class at our club will be held as follows:




                                         Course                               Date                              Time


                               Registration & Class             March. 05, 2014            6:00 pm to 10:00 pm                        

                                Part II                                    March. 06, 2014             6:00 pm to  10:00 pm

                                Part III                                   March. 12, 2014             6:00 pm to  10:00 pm

                                Part IV                                  March. 13, 2014             6:00 pm to  10:00 pm


                 General Notes:

                 1.) Students should be 11 3/4 yr's. of age.

                 2.) Students must attend all sessions.

                 3.) Course is open to the general public.

                 4.) Cost: No charge (free)




    Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

   At this time, I would like to acknowledge and Thank all those instructors who have volunteered and given freely of their time to make our Hunter Education Classes possible, they are (alphabetically): George Cruickshank, David D’Aloise, George Durbin, David Faccini, Larry Kock, Eric Minton, Peter Orzetti, John Ormsby, Edward Wartko.

   Once again, Thank You much.





NRA Pistol Safety Course


The N.R.A. Pistol Safety Course will be held at our Club is as follows:


                                     ONE NIGHT ONLY!!!                                           

                                          Course                               Date                              Time

                               Registration & Class          April. 02nd 2014            6:00 pm - 10:30 pm



                 General Notes:

                 1.) Course is one (1) night only.

                 2.) Students should be 21 yr's. of age.

                 3.) Anyone convicted of a felony or domestic violence should not apply .

                 4.) Cost:  (Cash only, no checks)

                                  Members - $35.00

                                  Non- Members - $45.00



                                                                    Hunter Safety—Archery Class

The next Hunter Education Archery Class at our club will be held as follows:

      Class                         Date                        Time

Registration Part I            To be scheduled                     6:30 pm SHARP

                      Part II           To be scheduled                     6:30 pm to 10:00 pm

                      Part III          To be scheduled                     7:00 am to Noon

General Notes:

1. Students should be 11 3/4 yrs. of age.

2. Students must attend all sessions, no exception.

3. Course is open to the general public.

4. Cost: free (No charge)



        Gary Lowe


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