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December 2017
LaSalle Sportsmens Junior Club News Letter
Director: Pamela A. Miles
Email: horsebackrideri@aol.com

The 3 kids I have will make the decisions on what they want to do. We had a great time at power vista wild ' life feast! they got to rock climb - see the wild birds & see the native American dances! was a great time had by all children and adults. Got to do the static charge ball! unfortunately the pictures were lost! before I could print the pictures! we finished the day off by checking out the chicken at the chicken wings @ Duff s. The kids said in a vote the best wings are at the LaSalle Sportsmens club! " hands down!"

I am afraid to say that no new children have joined! not sure why? We have space for any who want to do something.

I will be seeing if we can use the indoor archery range so kids can practice cross bow shooting, they are still shooting with bb guns! until the weather gets better! Outside, they are a little bigger, will see how they do.

I have to get two to get their hunter safety course! Always looking for new things to do!

If anyone has ideas on what to we can do, show them how to do it! And can volunteer their time! All are welcome!

Pam Miles - Director
Phone 716 - 245 - 1208

Text me with your name number & talent we can always try & schedule around you at Tuesday night, will work with you.

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